NOLCNational Obscenity Law Center (New York, NY)
NOLCNorth Okanagan Labour Council (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)
NOLCNortheastern Oklahoma Labor Council (Tulsa, OK)
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Although the median ratio of NOLC to assets is zero for the Chapter 11 firms and their industries, Wilcoxon signed-ranks tests indicate that the ratio for the sample firms is significantly higher than the corresponding industry median figures.
PP&E is property, plant, and equipment, while NOLC is the net operating loss carryforward.
The NOLC is a device that will enable surgeons to advance laparoscopic surgery and NOTES to improve patient outcomes by reducing the pain, recovery time and risk of wound infection associated with traditional surgical procedures," stated Ninh Nguyen, M.
PMI's NOLC combines a 12mm-wide surgical stapling device with a flexible shaft.
Factoring the NOLC out of Form 990-T unrelated business total deductions had the greatest impact on the NTEE categories of environment, animals; international, foreign affairs; health; and arts, culture, and humanities.
However, organizations in the NTEE categories of environment, animals; health; "human services"; international, foreign affairs; and religion-related still had negative net income (less loss), or apparently unprofitable unrelated business operations, after subtracting out the NOLC from their respective unrelated business total deductions.