NOLDNet Operating Loss Deduction
NOLDNon-Oxidative Leucine Disposal (proteins)
NOLDNational Organic Livestock Database (UK)
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Figure C illustrates the differences, for Tax Year 2000, between the amount of NOLD initially reported on Form 990-T and the correct amount of NOLD that should have been reported.
Corrections that were made to NOLD amounts did not affect positive unrelated business taxable income; they only reduced reported deficits.
During processing of the sample of returns for the Tax Year 1999 Form 990-T Statistics of Income study, it was discovered that many organizations reported an amount of NOLD that exceeded the amount of positive income it was offsetting, resulting in a net deficit amount, rather than netting the positive income amount to zero.
After discovering the NOLD reporting anomaly, an automated "fix" to the data entry system was instituted for Tax Year 1999 and all future study years.
For the years 1990-98, Figure E shows the amount of NOLD as initially reported, an adjusted (correct) NOLD amount, the difference between the two amounts, and the percentage decrease in the initially reported amount.
NOLD will list details of farms where stock is available under a range of categories including: fully organic breeding stock, converted breeding stock, store animals and livestock reared under simultaneous conversion, from beef and dairy cattle to sheep and pigs.
Soil Association licensees and producer members sourcing organic livestock can obtain regional and national lists from NOLD free of charge but non-members will pay a small charge to cover administration costs.
In an e-mail statement, Rey nolds said she wishes "the city of Eugene and its police oversight system all the best.
In an interview, Rey nolds said the man, who is black and a Rastafarian from Jamaica, went to the city's Human Rights office the next day because he wanted to know why Fitzpatrick stopped him.
The complaint alleges that Rey nolds improperly disclosed information related to a complaint investigation.
A complaint against Eugene interim Police Auditor Dawn Rey nolds has led the City Council to place her on administrative leave, people familiar with the situation said Monday.
Ruiz said if Reynolds comes to him with a problem about the way the case is being handled, he will meet with Rey nolds and Kerns to try to work out a resolution that satisfies both of them.