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NOLINolist (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
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The manufacturer of each raw material must provide NOLI with a "Material Certificate of Analysis" (MCA).
To continuously prove that the LabSpec Pro is working as intended for QA/QC purposes, NOLI has taken the quantitative and qualitative results obtained using the unit one step further-to the laboratory.
The aforementioned quality control measures translate into significant cost savings for NOLI as well as benefit the consumer.
When an incoming raw material along with its LabSpec Pro report and Material Certificate of Analysis is sent to the NOLI QC laboratory, NOLI quality control engineers may accept this material for use in their products based solely on the LabSpec Pro report satisfying the quantitative and qualitative information provided in the "model" for this material.
Moreover, by using the LabSpec Pro as its first line of defense, NOLI saves money by meticulously monitoring the raw material concentration levels through the fastest means available.
NOLI, by taking on the initiative to better its QA/QC standards, has proven itself as an industry leader.
Always one-step-ahead of the competition in the pursuit for quality healthcare products, NOLI QC engineers began using the LabSpec Pro in September 2001 and have achieved increased efficiency in the lot inspection process from day one.
Soboba Casino was happy to support the Noli Indian School," said Ruben De Los Santos, Director of Finance for Soboba.
Ms Noli bought her house, in Bensham Crescent, Bensham, for pounds 53,000 in April and spent another three months, and thousands doing it up.
Ms Noli, who lectures in Italian at colleges across Tyneside, has only lived in the area for a couple of months but is aware of the strong sense of community.