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NOMENational Officer on Medical Education
NOMENon-Minelike Echo
NOMENew Orleans to Memphis (freight train symbol)
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Hearing this the Nome King uttered a yell of joy and leaped from his throne, to resume his wild walk up and down the cavern.
This Nome King was named Roquat the Red, and no one loved him.
Indeed, Ozma and Dorothy had both almost forgotten that such a person as the Nome King yet lived under the mountains of the Land of Ev--which lay just across the deadly desert to the south of the Land of Oz.
You have plenty of power left, for you rule this underground kingdom like a tyrant, and thousands of Nomes obey your commands.
My Nomes are good fighters, but they are not strong enough to conquer the Emerald City.
The Alaska musher crossed the finish line in the Bering Sea coastal town of Nome at 4:13 a.
Danielle Slingsby, who heads the Nome Community Center, said at a public hearing, "I think if you take (the exemption) away from nonprofits, you're basically just taking away services from the people of Nome.
In Nome and Kodiak, weather reports are crucial for many because of the severe weather that can affect fishing vessels in far-flung regions, including the Bering Sea (think of the violent storms on the cable television show "The Deadliest Catch") and the Gulf of Alaska.
Seavey battled Zirkle for position as the two headed to Nome the AP noted.
MacCoull (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) edit and publish a codex from the British Library that is from Hermopolite Nome, along with Aphrodito the most prolific source of documentary codices.
The mission to Nome is the first mid-winter marine delivery to western Alaska and comes as oil and gas development and climate change increase commercial traffic along trade routes in the Arctic.
Contudo, o reconhecimento do nome nao se comprova pela simples sensacao de ja ter ouvido o nome antes, e sim pela capacidade do interlocutor de realizar operacoes, "categorizar, descobrir a que classe o nome pertence no uso, trazer a efeito conhecimento que aja sobre ele, detectar quais de seus atributos sao relevantes para o contexto etc" (SCHEGLOFF 1972, p.