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NOMICNova Ordem Mundial da Informação E da Comunicação (Portuguese: New World Order of Information and Communication; Brazil)
NOMICNational Organization for Mentally Ill Children
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The second notion of geometric possibility considered follows the well-trodden path of nomic primitivism, and is taken to lead us to a variant of modal relationalism that is essentially ungrounded: there is no interesting sense in which, for a given world, facts about geometric possibility can be grounded in ordinary geometric facts.
George Magnus, the senior eco nomic adviser to UBS bank, said it could trigger a sterling crisis where the pound plunges on the money markets, making overseas holidays and basic goods massively dearer.
Making Work Pay refund-This phishing e-mail, which claims to come from the IRS, references the president and the Making Work Pay provision of the 2009 eco nomic recovery law.
Perhaps mothers who eat more fish belong to a higher or "healthy lifestyle conscious" socioeco- nomic group; are better educated; eat more produce and less dairy and red meat; and do not smoke or drink.
The Alliance for Downtown New York announced that Nicole LaRusso, a noted real estate and eco nomic development specialist, has joined the organization as vice president for planning and economic development.
Sounds and events that express consistent information regarding the source are termed nomic mappings, whereas symbolic mappings involve unrelated or arbitrary sound-event pairs.
The notion of "our heights" is a particularly blatant symptom of the presence of nomic ideology: the notion of a nomos, r of an order of the world, that subordinates the political, to follow Carl Schmitt's complex notion.
The Americans were losing the war on both the military and the eco nomic fronts, and they were doing worse on the economic front than on the field of battle.
Besides the purely practical and eco nomic benefits, espaliering is also an art rather like bonsai.
And in the NoMic Pavilion, Finland's Eija-Liisa Ahtila, maker of "confessional" videos featuring hired actors, will explore the theme of broken relationships, while Sweden's Annika von Hausswolff will show further photographic confections: scenes of everyday life that carry despair to the point of absurdity.
In his 45-minute address, Steidtmann trotted out a litany of trends and eco- nomic factors that he believes will hurt business conditions in the future -- including the downturn in housing starts, the staggering rate of consumer bankruptcies and escalating credit-card debt, growing inflationary pressure, even the possible influence of the weather phenomenon El Nino.
They tend to be, in Robert Cover's language, nomic communities, people bonded by associations that preserve and develop a common normative heritage.