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NONANorth Okanagan Neurological Association (Canada)
NONANordic Network on Algorithms
NONANotice Of Nonavailability
NONANational Outstanding Natural Area (US NPS)
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Por otro lado, el distanciamiento temporal a la manera brechtiana por el que opta Nona Fernandez, se vuelve la estrategia para denunciar como el oficio de escritores y artistas chilenos se superpone al horror.
Her son related what Nona said about a week before she died, "After going through this whole thing, I realize that people don't fear death; they fear having to get there.
We think that they are politically-motivated--that some group has something to gain if all Christians go" Archbishop Nona said.
Thank you, Nona, for not giving up, either on those who paved the way or on those who incrementally seek the future's elusive green light.
Playing fourball singles medal match play, Woods halved his match with England's Ian Poulter but defeated Henrik Stenson, who could only shoot a four-over 76 for the Lake Nona team.
Nona uses only the golden ones in an excellent beet salad ($12) with pomegranate flavoring, enhanced with watercress, almonds and shaved manchego cheese.
Lake Nona led 10-0 after the first round of matches, Woods and his better-ball partner John Cook losing by eight shots to red-hot opponents Henrik Stenson and Chris DiMarco.
Nona Haines was just a little surprised when she won an pounds 8,000 car in an Echo-Ty George Appeal prize draw - because she can't drive
The two organizations invite the brewing industry to donate goods and/or services to auction at this event," says co-chair Nona Mundy.
Nona Manford, daughter of Pauline and Dexter, seems the solid center of the family, taking upon herself the troubles of the others.
You might know Nona best from her work with Labelle, the space-suited, mind-blowing funky-soul vocal trio whose classic 1975 hit "Lady Marmalade" taught the world the French pick-up line "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
Artists include Mariko Mori, Mike Kelley, and Jeff Koons; the Chapman Brothers' giant swastika assembled from tiny figures will revisit their "Horrors of War" theme, and Maurizio Cattelan will show his recent sculpture La Nona Ora (Pope John Paul II hit by a meteorite).