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NOONon-Owner Occupied (loan type)
NOONumber of Operations
NOONaval Oceanographic Office
NOONevada Operations Office
NOONotice of Opportunity
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In what childen's TV series would the four main characters say "Naughty Noo Noo" when they were annoyed about their guardian and housekeeper who looks like a vaccum cleaner?
A unique charity presentation, "Pagpupugay" will also formalize the union of current-day Filipino sporting greats who compose the Taas Noo Inc.
It will have a steel frame, with enough steel to build a railway from Noo York.
It was also a fine day for trainer Brian Ellison, who chalked up a quick 152-1 double, the 16-1 shot Luv U Noo taking the 7.
Noo Rali Khan and his son Muntasir; Glenn Pougnet, Andy Waters; Daniel Robinson, Blair Kesseler; Sacha Powell, Lee Harris
Sal e n di n e Noo k , Mar s h , L indley B ri g h ouse M ir fiel d , .
Brian Ellison is having a very good season and landed a 152-1 double courtesy of Luv U Noo (16-1) and Miss Daawe (8-1).
S M I T H -F R A N C E S , (NANNY NOO NOO), July 30, 2009.
IF he didn't know it before, then Wee Eck certainly kens noo .
Ranks are filled with the standard-issue war-movie characters - the hick Southerner; the wisecracking Noo Yawkers; the green, easily riled boys; the cocky swaggerers.