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NOPNot Otherwise Provided (for)
NOPNaval Operations
NOPNatural Organic Products (USDA classification)
NOPNational Organic Program (USDA)
NOPNo Operation (computer processor instruction)
NOPNotice of Preparation
NOPNoordoostpolder (formerly Noord-Oostelijke Polder)
NOPNorth Olympic Peninsula (Washington)
NOPNational Opinion Poll (UK)
NOPNumber of Payments (loans)
NOPNaval Ordnance Plant (US Navy)
NOPNaval Officer Procurement (US Navy)
NOPNo Operation
NOPNetwork Operations Plan
NOPNo Problem
NOPNotification of Payment
NOPNatural Oil Polyol
NOPNotice of Privacy
NOPNumber of Parameters
NOPNotification of Pregnancy (Indiana Medicaid)
NOPNational Ocean Policy
NOPNew Orleans Paddlewheels (New Orleans, LA)
NOPNature, Origin, Purpose
NOPNet Open Position
NOPNot Our Problem
NOPNormal Operating Procedures
NOPNotice of Project (Ontario Ministry of Labour, Canada)
NOPNuclear Operations
NOPNetwork Operations Plan (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)
NOPNormal Operating Pressure
NOPNorth Orbital Pole (astronomy)
NOPNeighborhood Oriented Policing
NOPNozzle Opening Pressure (Diesel Injection Systems)
NOPNet Operating Profits
NOPNon-Owner Participant (Alliance Contracting)
NOPNaval Oceanography Program
NOPNoord-Oostelijke Polder (now Noordoostpolder)
NOPNuclear Ordnance Platoon (USMC)
NOPNetwork Output Processor
NOPNet Orders Processed
NOPPurchases by Bureau of Naval Personnel (US Navy)
NOPNuclear Operating Plan
NOPNot on Planogram (target)
NOPNon-WIS (WFP Information System) Payment
NOPNearly Office Puppy
NOPNavy Objectives Plan
NOPNavigation Operating Procedure
NOPNobody On Patrol
NOPNot Optimized Properly (programming)
NOPNetwork of Power (gaming)
NOPNumber of Polymorphic Models
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Last year, NOP thugs joined forces with homegrown neo-Nazis to set up a food bank for "whites only" in Glasgow.
Bearing in mind the accuracy that has been achieved, it seems that selection of the NOP instruction was a good choice at this point of the research.
Witnesses at the October 26 hearing countered these arguments, noting that the NOP invites state, tribal, and local entities to participate in the regional planning bodies.
Nick Moon, managing director of GfK NOP Social Research, said: "Coming after six months of stagnant economic growth, this is a significant drop - one that is bad news for the Government and bad news for the economy.
That's why NOP requires manures to be composted during critical stages of farming.
Nick Moon, managing director of Gfk NOP Social Research, said: "Overall, consumer confidence has been in constant decline for the last five months and a further fall would have made a double-dip recession seem a very real prospect.
NOP-based PU prepolymers were first synthesized from polyols including NOPs, SCDs, DMPA, and MEK charged in a round-bottom flask under nitrogen.
Stimulated by the success of NOP management of spleen and hepatic injuries in children who have stable hemodynamic, there has been a trend towards NOP management in hemodynamic stable adults with similar injuries.
Under the NOP, "organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation" and ensures that animals raised for livestock are free from antibiotics and growth hormones.
In looking for consensus among AHPA members on the topic of including cosmetics in the scope of the NOP, it is clear that additional effort must be given to making the NOP work for all agricultural products, including cosmetics and personal care products," said Mr.
Bayer researchers in Germany have tested polyurethane rigid foams derived from NOPs to determine their physical, processing and insulating properties and say that the demoulding characteristics of NOP-based foams are as good as those of conventional systems.
Since most NOP technology is based on fatty-acid tryglycerides, they have very different solubility characteristics than polyether or polyester polyols.