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officers, (186) engaged with the NOPD consent decree, and launched a
For example, although media outlets of the time portrayed Mark Essex, the lone sniper who killed three NOPD officers in January 1972, as part of a nationwide conspiracy to kill policemen, Moore identifies the specific local circumstances that caused Essex to go on a two-week killing spree.
5, 2003, at 3H; Michael Perlstein, Evidence Missing at NOPD Storage; Items Lost, Destroyed in Cleaning of Room, TIMES-PICAYUNE, Feb.
A big part of that would be watching Cage meticulously chart out the drug-induced behavior of NOPD Lt.
The audit report also modestly suggested NOPD could improve their safekeeping and cash-tracking systems, which, for some people, seem to be workin' just fine.
Homeless women are being ritualistically killed and NOPD detective Tony Nicosia with Wyatt Thomas a teetotaler of nebulous profession living in a bar must determine who's responsible.
Lee shows looters taking necessities such as food, water and clothing, but he also shows the looting of Wal--Mart where "assembly-like lines" of looters took televisions, athletic gear and other luxury items, among them an NOPD officer coming out of WalMart with an armload of DVDS.
Eighty percent of NOPD's 1,700 employees were rendered homeless by the storm, and 700 NOPD members and their families (along with 200 fire department members and their families, sheriff deputies, emergency medical services staff, and essential government workers) lived on a cruise ship rented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for six months after the storm.
While the NOPD remained in disarray, local officials and the national media reported violence, murders, and rapes (including of babies).
My first days on the job at NOPD introduced me to a different, violent kind of death: a murdered man slumped over in a pickup truck; the slaughter of five teenagers by a 19-year-old; a suicide by hanging.
By having the National Guard patrol these few isolated neighborhoods, the NOPD is able to increase patrols in the central historic areas that include the French Quarter and Convention Center.
Without electricity and running water for weeks, the NOPD patrolled Royal Street until shop owners were able to return.