NOPECNortheast Ohio Public Energy Council
NOPECNew Options Petroleum Energy Conservation Act
NOPECNon-Oil Power Exporting Countries
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NOPEC is tantamout to the Arab (oil) embargo inversely practiced by the U.
According to the NOPEC opt-out offer, "Actual savings will vary depending on state and local taxes, the county in which you live, whether you have received service from a non-utility supplier during the last 12 months, and any other utility adjustments.
NOPEC has chosen the opt-out aggregation program, which allows customers served by NOPEC to "opt out" or remove themselves from the buying pool.
Keep all information sent by NOPEC and IGS for future reference.
We are tremendously excited to have reached this understanding and look forward to a lasting partnership with Green Mountain Energy," said Eastlake Mayor Dan DiLiberto, NOPEC Chairman.
We look forward to providing the customers represented by NOPEC with cleaner and renewable electricity at affordable prices.
The company will designate eight schools -- one in each county NOPEC represents -- as recipients of "Solar On Schools" facilities, offering students the opportunity for hands-on study of solar power.
NOPEC consumers are assured to pay less than FirstEnergy's standard offer for the six years of the proposed contract.
Currently, FirstEnergy plans to charge a $5 per customer switching fee, an amount NOPEC considers exorbitant, unjustified and discriminatory.
NOPEC will award separate contracts covering the CEI and Ohio Edison service areas.
NOPEC Corporation has established a state of the art 10 million gallon per year biodiesel plant that has been producing biodiesel fuel since 1996.
SSPC's contract with NOPEC Corporation enables it to sell a clean high performance fuel that requires no modification of diesel engines to meet alternative fuel or air quality requirements.