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NOPONorth Portland (Portland, Oregon neighborhood)
NOPONorthern Pygmy Owl (bird breed)
NOPONose and Oral Protection Only (helmets)
NOPONijedan Od Ponudjenih Odgovora (Serbian: None of Our Answers; political party; Serbia)
NOPONuclear Operations Planning Office (US DoD)
NOPONew Orleans Philharmonic Orchestra (New Orleans, LA)
NOPONo Person Operation (railway industry)
NOPONegotiated Online Peer Observation Project (UK)
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For these reasons, we also use a non-parametric matching approach, introduced by Nopo (2009).
The state can provide indirect assistance by means of "monetary [and] trade policy," for example (Atal and Nopo 2010, 184, my italics).
1) Atal, Nopo and Winder (2009) review ethnic and gender wage gaps in eighteen Latin American countries but did not include Belize in their analysis.
8) La metodologia de medicion de la <<intensidad racial>> fue propuesta originalmente por Torero, Saavedra, Nopo y Escobal (2004).
Nopo Electronic Commerce"), pursuant to which, the Group conditionally agreed to purchase the CEM bonus points redemption platform and the related assets with a capacity of 10 million subscribers from Nopo ElectronicCommerce, at a consideration which is determined to be not more than HK$50,000,000 for the time being.
24) Hugo Nopo and Alberto Gonzales, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), Research Department, Departamento de Investigacion, Working Paper #641, Gender and Ethnic Wage Gaps in Guatemala, from a Matching Comparisons Perspective, Inter-American Development Bank, July 2008, Washington D.
This holds true, for example, in the United States where 83% of classroom time is dedicated to giving lectures, writing notes, and drawing charts on a board [Becker and Watts (1998, 2001) and Lora and Nopo (2009)].
De hecho, el mismo Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Atal, Nopo y Winder, 2009) ha identificado que la brecha salarial etnica supera a la de genero, puesto que las mujeres suelen ganar un 18% menos que los hombres en America Latina, mientras que los indigenas ganan en promedio un 28% menos que los no-indigenas.
Como senalan Calonico y Nopo (2007), en el Peru es comunmente aceptado que los servicios educacionales ofertados por el sector privado son de mejor calidad que los ofrecidos por el sector publico.
Omupangi okwe mu lombwela kutya oku na ombuto nopo nee okwa hovela okulila.
Two-year, $500 annual awards went to Yuri Baralas, San Miguel; Blanca Cela, Orange Grove; Belinda Ruiz, Nopo and twin sisters Erika and Laura Chavez, Woodland.