NOPSINew Orleans Public Service Inc. (Louisiana)
NOPSINew Orleans Public Service Incorporated (New Orleans, LA)
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2009) (citing NOPSI for proposition that interest must be
economic harm not being an interest yet citing NOPSI for proposition
The Court determined that the issue in the NOPSI case was a legislative action, and that Younger abstention was inappropriate because "it has never been suggested that Younger requires abstention in deference to a state judicial proceeding reviewing legislative or executive action.
Unfortunately, the Supreme Court's Burford analysis in Colorado River and NOPSI has not resulted in the uniform application of Burford.
In NOPSI, (141) the Supreme Court emphasized the broad interpretation of the state interest and the primacy it should receive in the district court's assessment of the case for abstention:
Mike Bemis was president and chief operating officer of LP&L and NOPSI.