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NORANational Occupational Research Agenda (forum via NIOSH for occupational injury research)
NORANational Oilheat Research Alliance
NORANeuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, International, Inc.
NORANon-Obvious Relationship Awareness
NORANational Officer on Reproductive Health & AIDS
NORANo Obligations, Rules, or Authority (Final Fantasy XIII video game)
NORANational Office Research & Analysis
NORANothing on Record Against (Law And Order TV show)
NORANetzwerk Ostwestfalen-Lippe für Regionale Agenda eV (Germany)
NORANotice of Reassessment (taxes)
NORANotice of Realty Action
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Anne was there to meet him when he came, and found him wild with eagerness to get to the shore -- Nora and the Golden Lady and the Twin Sailors would be there.
Nora was there -- but Nora is not the same, teacher.
Now, my dear, suppose you take them and hook them to that little string Nora fixed across the window.
I am afraid you cannot find here Nora or the Golden Lady or the Twin Sailors; but you will find one old sailor who can tell you wonderful stories.
Nora Delaney, in the third house, no longer bought fresh fish for Friday.
Her mind wandered away from Nora, but she went on thinking of things that the book suggested to her, of women and life.
Margaret Henan's fifth was a boy, whom she called Jamie, and in rapid succession followed three girls, Alice, Sara, and Nora, the boy Timothy, and two more girls, Florence and Katie.
In a phone conversation following a text to her on New Year's Eve, Nora revealed what she'll be up to in 2018.
Rattled to her core, Nora consults every doctor she can and finally winds up in a therapist's office.
As it has achieved Approved Contractor status, De Nora will provide operation support to utility Guernsey Waters five major potable water facilities on the island.
Nora shared the role with Angeli Bayani, who played the tragic mother role in her youth.
But he never forgot about Nora and decades later he decided to apologise for breaking up with her.