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NORAIDIrish Northern Aid Committee
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It seems that the groups which blew up the compounds of American diplomats in Kenya and Tanzania raised their funds in the USA using Noraid type fund-raising.
The one-time Noraid leader emerged from his political bunker to back the 32-County Sovereignty Committee, the political wing of the Real IRA Omagh bombers.
The fund-raising organisation Noraid kept the terrorists constantly supplied with the funds to buy weapons, and few Congressmen would ever risk the Irish-American vote to condemn it.
Martin Galvin, a former director with the Irish-American Noraid group which helped support Sinn Fein during the conflict, was among the crowd along with 32-County Sovereignty Movement members Francis Mackey and Marian Price.
It would also say how Martin Galvin the head of the US-based Provo fund-raising organisation, NORAID, was smuggled into Northern Ireland from the republic.
Kelly, who died in 1996, is thought to have left several thousand pounds in his will to the controversial Republican fund-raising group NORAID.
Money from Noraid has already paid for a full page ad in the Derry Journal calling on people to vote for Independent Republican Peggy O'Hara, mother of INLA hunger striker Patsy O'Hara.
One of the funny events I recall was the sight of Joe Cahill, the IRA's former director of finance, running into the Sinn Fein office in Dublin shouting: "Take down those posters of Castro, Che and the others, the Noraid Tour bus is coming.
Former Noraid chief Martin Galvin accused the party of treachery by urging its supporters to support and co-operate with the police.
One of the funniest events I recall was the sight of Joe Cahill running into the Sinn Fein office in Dublin shouting: 'Take down those posters of Castro, Che and the others - the NORAID tour bus is coming.
But they also saw a group from Noraid as well as a group of AOH representatives carrying a Confederate flag.
He was drawn to it after visiting Ireland in 1992 with his then girlfriend Linda Vaughan who, he told the court, was a lobbyist for Noraid in Florida.