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About NORAM: Since 1988, NORAM has built a global reputation for innovation and excellence in the supply of proprietary engineering and equipment systems to the chemical and commodity sectors.
Siloxy Limited is a joint venture company between NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.
com; or Ira Wolff of NORAM, +1-604-681-2030; iwolff@noram-eng.
We are delighted to partner with NORAM Engineering to offer our patented technology to customers around the world.
According to Jim Wearing of NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.
NORAM is a private Vancouver (Canada) engineering and technology company, supplying proprietary engineering and equipment packages to the process and resource industries on five continents.
Extensive work has been completed with NORAM both in Canada and Europe which includes the development of the 5kW cell stacks and the identification and development of manufacturing techniques to enable low cost, mass manufacturing and assembly of the 5kW cell stacks and the 5kW x 4 hour VRB-ESS.
says Malcolm Cameron, Principal Electrical Engineer of NORAM.