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NORBNorsk Organisasjon for Rullebrett (Norwegian: Norwegian Organization for Skateboarding)
NORBNational Off Road Bicycle
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NORB is a new product from OffHand Gear, designed to reduce the amount of bags a woman needs to carry to the range.
We were each given a cleaning cart and told we had 20 minutes a room--me and all the top leadership, including Norb.
Quick psychiatric note: In each of Norb Vonnegut's earlier books a person was devoured by a carnivore of another species.
Judy, from North Berwick in East Lothian, flew to Arizona to stay with Norb Matelski, 76, and wife Mari, 60.
Norb Roobaert, our founder and president, had a great vision for a world-class engineering company when he established Alliance in 1993, thus when I joined the company the foundation and framework for success had already been established.
Fleet leadership, along with increased awareness and education are clearly making a difference," said VADM Norb Ryan Jr.
All this promise has Norb Gross, like several other professionals in the foundry industry, wondering, "What can e-commerce do for my business?
are in negotiations to settle a legal dispute with Norb Cole, a former chief executive of Coca-Cola Amatil.
I learned this a long time ago from a heavyweight lifter named Norb Schemansky who won four Olympic medals with a training philosophy that impressed me.
When Norb Theisen opened Diamond Mortgage Corporation's Raleigh, North Carolina branch in 1986, he mainly managed the office and its pipeline.
It's a great honor to join the Save Our Benefit Coalition as a Valued Associate," said MOAA's President, Vice Admiral Norb Ryan.