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NORBNorsk Organisasjon for Rullebrett (Norwegian: Norwegian Organization for Skateboarding)
NORBNational Off Road Bicycle
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The expression of different efflux pump genes (norA, norB, norC, mepA, mdeA) was analyzed in the presence of CD alone (0.
1) OCI-ELM compared with SVM, ELM, ErrCor, and PC-ELM: the simulation results are obtained by the average of 50 trails on datasets in Table 4 (from Delta Ailerons to NORB data).
We have brought in a number of products, including multiple bra holsters and the NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) that have been designed by ladies, for ladies," Bieker noted.
Anderson added, "This project's success is the result of all departments working together, especially consumer sales and marketing director Norb Gray's circulation department.
8220;Growing up as Norb Nathanson's next door neighbor in Pittsbugh, and watching his accomplishments during the early years of WQED-TV, I can relate to his descriptions of the Spring Hill neighborhood and the people who interacted with him in that era.
Norb Wollack won it fishing the same way, only he was fishing 4 mph and faster.
Norb Adrian, chief systems officer for the 126,000-member $1.
Norb had rented dirty hotel rooms--authentically dirty hotel rooms.
Norb Vonnegut is the seriously underappreciated author of three glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance.
We've been providing products and technology directly to the military and its suppliers for some time now and our offerings are at a point that merit a more comprehensive and cohesive presence," commented Norb Biderman, business director, 3M Industrial & Transportation Business.
Zhao Z, Zhang Z, Wang Z, Ferm M, Liang Y, Norb ack D.
Second came the dream of the UCA Honors College's founding director, Norb Schedler, to create a summer academy that would involve university honors students.