NORCAPNational Organisation for Counselling Adoptees and Parents (UK)
NORCAPNorth Coast Aids Project (California)
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Although NORCAP did not succeed, through them she did take part in a TV documentary which yielded one of her dearest possessions and one that always gives her a lump in her throat when she looks at it.
She says: "I accept it is unlikely that I will find my natural family, but NORCAP does have a register you can put your name on in case anyone does come looking for you.
However contact NORCAP on 01865 875 000 for counselling and advice for parents of children seeking birth parents before you make any decisions.
Contact an organisation such as NORCAP on 0186 587 5000 or see www.
The group offers emotional support,help with searching for information like original files and newspaper cuttings,along with registration on the NORCAP Contact Register.
Just in case you haven't, their address is: NORCAP, 112 Church Road, Wheatley, Oxfordshire 0X33 1LU.
Take professional advice from a local adoption charity or an adoption support agency such as NORCAP before you start discussions with your daughter.
NORCAP offer an intermediary service to help put adoptees and their birth families in touch.
The organisation is called NORCAP - supporting adults affected by adoption - and they run a telephone listening and advice line and can recommend counsellors on 01865 875000, open from 10am-1pm and 1.
A less formal register exists run by NORCAP, a voluntary organisation which has supported adopted people and their relatives for many years.