NORCOMNorthern Command
NORCOMNorth Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Consortium (NHS, UK)
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4 million associated with a retirement plan of the Company's Canadian operations, which included the discontinued NORCOM business.
1 million, before tax, related to the consolidation of a facility and the sale of the NORCOM business, which do not qualify for discontinued or restructuring classification in the income statement.
1 million inventory write-down and NORCOM pension expenses discussed above.
On October 31, 2002, CDT sold the accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and certain other operating assets of its NORCOM operation, a manufacturer of telecommunication and central office cables, for $11.
3 million of proceeds from the sale of the NORCOM operations.
On October 22, 2002, Belden announced plans to acquire the NORCOM business in Kingston, Ontario, from Cable Design Technologies.
At the same time, with the acquisition of NORCOM, we have increased our share of the North American copper communications cable market.
We expect our communications segment to experience a seasonally weak fourth quarter with revenues down sequentially as much as 15 percent compared with the third quarter, excluding any impact from the NORCOM acquisition," continued Mr.
he also served as vice president of marketing for Omninet Corporation, a pioneer in satellite-based mobile data communications that was acquired by Qualcomm; he was president and CEO of NORCOM Networks Corp.