NORFNeste Oil Rally Finland (car race)
NORFNew Orleans Restoration Fund (donor-advised fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation)
NORFNonannotated Open Reading Frame (genomics)
NORFNo Observable Redeeming Features
NORFNonoliguric Renal Failure
NORFNegros Occidental Rehabilitation Foundation (Philippines)
NORFneck of right femur
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The gesamtschule norf will be run in the future with a total of 6 classifications of secondary education i and 3 classifications of upper secondary education.
To evaluate the sensitivity of the NORF model to individual model parameters, we changed the mean value of each input variable (gage height, temperature, salinity, wind, and rainfall), one at a time, by [+ or -] 5%, [+ or -]10%, [+ or -]20%, [+ or -]30%, and [+ or -]40%, respectively, and calculated the percent change in the model output (i.
Linguists interested in narrower, more structural questions about the Norf k language are unlikely to find their curiosity completely sated here, but there are a few gems to reward even these readers.
Someone says they don't know, maybe Alaska, maybe South America, maybe "sumwarz up norf.
Not only has she taken to going for strolls - not on a swanky holiday in France but in Norf London's swishy Hampstead - she's stopped
Alcan apparently proposed to divest to a third party 20% of its rolling capacity at Norf Aluminium - a 50:50 joint venture between Alcan and VAW - equivalent to 100,000 tonnes a year of beverage can body stock and food tins, while suspending output of these products at Norf for a period of ten years.
Contract notice: Planning services (object planning) for the gesamtschule norf.
Hometown: Hampton, New Hampshire, and Raleigh, Norf Cacks
Putting the seal on a joint venture, Norf ran Products' quality manager Phil Hall holds the limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle top, with Kevin Binnion, production director of St Pauls Mint and Cecilia Davies, specialist sourcing adviser for the Manufacturing Advisory Service West Midlands
No game in Britain today has the potential to evoke more passion than the norf London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal, but I'm utterly convinced it will end peacefully, in a draw.
Shouldn't he have sung What A Mouth (what a marf, what a norf and sarf)?
The familiar Norf London voice, at full blast, could shake chandeliers.