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NORGNatural Order of Realistic Gameplay (gaming)
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In the six NORG surveys of the' 1970s which include the ideal-family-size question, "as many as you want" is the fourth most frequently given answer (after two, three and four).
Matty Graham in action at Aragon, Spain Picture: Klaas Norg
Under the umbrella contract, GLT will serve the gas extraction and treatment installations; underground gas storage locations in Norg and Grijpskerk; and NAM's installations in Delfzijl.
The NORG elected the following officers for 2003: Tom Nunley, Continental Carbon, chair; Chuck Henry, Luzenac America, vice chair; Chuck Nichols, Polychem Dispersions, treasurer; Tom Eaton, Rhein Chemie, secretary; Samuel Simonson.
It was very important to us that our loans and those of our lender clients be serviced at the level of quality that we ourselves were providing," said Norg Sanderson, president and chief executive officer for SLFC.
Together with the Norg project, it will provide additional flexibility to serve seasonally fluctuating demand in domestic and export consumption.