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NORINational Oceanographic Research Institute (Korea)
NORINetherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
NORINuclear Operational Readiness Inspection
NORINational Ophthalmic Research Institute (Fort Myers, FL)
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Nori begins his by illustrating how well known and best selling authors, contemporary and classic, have promised pleasure, contentment, achievement, and providence to attract their readers.
This will ensure that your nori seaweed stays crispy.
The princess' departure from the Imperial family means she will no longer be called Princess Nori, and that she will take the name of Sayako Kuroda as the wife of Yoshiki Kuroda.
With hands dampened in a cold water and vinegar mix, he pats a handful of rice on the nori.
2 billion sheets of nori, and exported about 80% to countries including the United States at one-fourth of the price of Japanese nori.
Roasted Nori Leaves provides the taste experience and health benefits of Japanese seaweed in a convenient format.
Sandra Nori MP, New South Wales Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation, Minister for Women.
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE read Bassotuba non c'e piu (1999), this third novel by Paolo Nori will mean reading a sequel to or, if we wish, part three of the saga of Learco Ferrari.
Field of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Franco Nori of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and their coworkers report the results in the July 17 Nature.
We are proud to see Ann and her team honored by their peers in the technology community with this well-deserved award," said Nori Goto, president and CEO, Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
Auto Business News-October 12, 2015--Daihatsu to launch Nori Ori at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show