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NORMNaturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NORMNational Organization of Restoring Men
NORMnot operationally ready, maintenance (US DoD)
NORMNuclear Operational Readiness Maneuver
NORMNACK (Negative Acknowledgement)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (US Navy)
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Nonetheless, only a week later, bad weather forced Norm and his crew to land at a base near Lille instead of at Melsbroek.
For more than 60 years, Norm and Marcel would mark the miracle of their survival with an annual ritual--an anniversary phone call during which they briefly marvelled at how they had defied the odds and the Grim Reaper one frightening afternoon at Schmidtheim.
Reflection on the role they play in our practice of epistemic appraisal can contribute to a number of different debates in contemporary epistemology, including the nature of epistemic norms and epistemic responsibility.
Today one could argue that there are either few norms or many norms, depending on the type of norm being described.
Sterling learned that Norm had no close family members and, with the blessing of his wife and son, decided to take legal guardianship of him.
In an effort to document the existence of different norm types, this content analysis codifies the way norms are conceptualized and operationalized in the literature.
In the first stage, norm emergence, old norms become obsolete or inappropriate to new conditions.
thinks, or deliberates in the ways that the norm requires.
It benefited from the support of powerful norm entrepreneurs who pushed the issue on the world's agenda at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.
New Delhi [India], June 20 ( ANI ): Sixty three signatories from civil society organisations, medical professionals and concerned citizens all over India have written to the Minister of Environment Forest and Climate Change, urging implementation of new norms for emission standards and water use of the coal fired thermal power plants.