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NORMSNational Occupational Respiratory Mortality System (US CDC)
NORMSNordic Center of Excellence in Microcomparative Syntax
NORMSNaturally Occurring, Recursively Mutating Situations
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Forsyth and Pope postulate that the advent of cyberwarfare poses such a range of challenges to states that constraining norms will inevitably take root.
This article does exactly that, first by defining emerging-technology weapons and norm evolution theory, then briefly reviewing the current state of international norms for cyberwarfare.
This paper is a beginning--an initial attempt to think of the function and character of epistemic norms as a kind of social norm.
A Refined Account of the "Epistemic Game": Epistemic Norms, Temptations, and Epistemic Cooperation, DAVID HENDERSON and PETER GRAHAM
Norms can serve to highlight abnormal behavior, enabling warning of and protection against space threats.
The group suggested that the ministry should release an interim report on the "status of implementation" to dispel rumours about the norms not being met.
More than 80 years of social norms research has demonstrated the power of normative influence, defined as the process by which people look to referent others, consciously or unconsciously, as guides for how to act or think.
In an ideal academic setting, Mazanec might use lessons learned from the application of norms-development theory to earlier instances of norms development for various emerging weapons technologies to anticipate what cyber war norms might evolve into.
underlying structure of fiduciary norms and to show when fiduciary
Drawing on work across the rationalist-constructivist divide, we observe that norms can influence state behavior either by becoming focal points for coordination or through gaining increasing legitimacy over time.
They ( Volkswagen) do not comply with the emission norms.
Note that for the s-norms max and drastic sum and t-norms min, algebraic product and drastic product we get the same norms