NORPCNew Orleans Regional Planning Commission (Louisiana)
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NORPC next makes an effort to continue the community dialogue to find mutual, context-sensitive solutions to the issues raised.
The NORPC set up a dialogue with just the community," says Saizan, "and started meeting regularly.
Although calling meetings is often necessary, the NORPC tends to avoid convening its own meetings and attempts rather to take its message to community forums that are already taking place.
To supplement meetings, the NORPC uses the print media, newsletters, and direct mail to reach those individuals who could not attend meetings and to provide feedback on meeting outcomes to those who did.
NORPC acted as a broker to foster regional cooperation for the Inter-parish Transit Mobility Stud),, which resulted in the implementation of a 1-day pass that enables bus riders to purchase a ticket upon boarding to ride all day on either the Jefferson system or the Regional Transit Authority system (or both) for one fare.
Working with local transit providers, local and regional Workforce Partnerships, and the Welfare to Work consortium, NORPC developed a Job Access Transportation Plan that seeks to improve transit connectivity between job seekers and employment and training opportunities.
The NORPC also is working a light rail project with the eight parishes in the city.
The NORPC also is participating in the regional Welfare to Work Consortium to continue development of strategies to be included in the region's job access transportation plan.