NORSOKNorsk Sokkels Konkuranseposisjon
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NORSOK standard M-710 Edition 3, developed bythe Norwegian petroleum industry, assesses the safety, value adding and cost effectiveness of elastomers and thermoplastics used for offshore oil and gas production.
The coating with the brand name Hempadur 35900 does not release VOCs during application so that it conforms with strict environmental regulations such as those of California in the US and the new NORSOK standards.
NORSOK, Risk and emergency preparedness, (Z-013 rev.
IFS, which has long provided IT support based on NORSOK standards, will include ISO 15926 in its portfolio of standards supported by the EPC Toolkit.
At the IVS summit, they shared their expertise in deep and ultra-deep water production, high pressure and high temperature conditions, harsh chemicals, rapid gas decompression resistance, long durability at extreme temperature and sour gas concentrations, proprietary Fluoroloy[R] fluoropolymer compounds qualified to NORSOK M-710 and API 6A F.
It is essential that the paint repair work is carried out in accordance with Application Repair Procedure Smoulders for DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm and, NORSOK M 501 as well as the guidelines described in the paints technical data sheet.
It is built after NMA, NORSOK and PSA-standard and will be classed by DNV.
Used in a variety of high pressure and high temperature conditions; subsea, topside and cryogenic valves; and NORSOK application, the seals operate in harsh environments, reduce friction and downtime and extend the service life of equipment.
The extended offering of duplex and super duplex valves meet the requirements of NORSOK M-630, D46 and D56 material specifications, and have already gained vendor approval from a number of leading oil and gas sector companies.
In its two main facilities, Flangefitt maintains substantial stocks of European manufactured finished and semi-finished products from NORSOK approved manufacturers.
Additionally, AL 2003 alloy is approved by the Norwegian petroleum industry standard NORSOK M-650, and is certified as an acceptable material for use in drinking water systems by NSF/ANSI Standard 61.
The selected materials have also been exposed to 25% H2S concentration up to 200[degrees]C according to NORSOK M710 rev2 specification to guarantee their chemical resistance.