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NOS1Nitric Oxide Synthase 1 (gene)
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And, they rarely mentioned about NOS1 Tentativeness, NOS2 Empirical basis, NOS4 Creativity, and NOS5 Socio-cultural embeddedness.
Table 1: Different forms of NO synthase have been classified as follows (14) Name Genes Location Neuronal NOS NOS1 Nervous Tissue (nNOS or NOS1) Skeletal Muscle Type Ii Inducible NOS NOS2 Immune System (iNOS or NOS2) Cardiovascular System Endothelial NOS NOS3 Endothelium (eNOS or NOS3 or cNOS) Bacterial NOS multiple Various Gram(+) Species (bNOS) Name Function Neuronal NOS Cell communication (nNOS or NOS1) Inducible NOS Immune defense against (iNOS or NOS2) pathogens Endothelial NOS Vasodilation (eNOS or NOS3 or cNOS) Bacterial NOS Defense Against Oxidative (bNOS) Stress, Antibiotics, Immune Attack
Primer sequences and reaction conditions for NOS genes Primer (a) Sequence Annealing Temp NOS1 PCR Forward NOS1-F: 56.
Most of these genes are well known and involved in central/fundamental functions like EPO, regulating the red cell production, NOS1 involved in the nitric oxide synthesis, ACE involved in the blood pressure regulation and VEGF as proangiotic factor.
Exhaled nitric oxide in patients with asthma: association with NOS1 genotype.