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NOS3Nitric Oxide Synthase 3
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The NOS3 rs2853792 AG/GG genotype and the SOD2 rs5746088 GA/AA genotype were negatively associated with CVD and CHD after FDR adjustment.
Among the SNPs that were tested, NOS3 rs2853792, SOD2 rs5746088, and MTHFR rs1801133 were significantly associated with CVD in this population.
Table 1: Different forms of NO synthase have been classified as follows (14) Name Genes Location Neuronal NOS NOS1 Nervous Tissue (nNOS or NOS1) Skeletal Muscle Type Ii Inducible NOS NOS2 Immune System (iNOS or NOS2) Cardiovascular System Endothelial NOS NOS3 Endothelium (eNOS or NOS3 or cNOS) Bacterial NOS multiple Various Gram(+) Species (bNOS) Name Function Neuronal NOS Cell communication (nNOS or NOS1) Inducible NOS Immune defense against (iNOS or NOS2) pathogens Endothelial NOS Vasodilation (eNOS or NOS3 or cNOS) Bacterial NOS Defense Against Oxidative (bNOS) Stress, Antibiotics, Immune Attack
In the present study, though intron 4a/b polymorphism of NOS3 had no association with essential hypertension, a trend toward a higher frequency of the a allele was apparent among the patients' group.
A random sample (n = 738) was successfully genotyped for variants at the NOS3 locus.
In the present study we used the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III definition of metabolic syndrome, recently modified (25) for analysis of the association between NOS3 haplotypes and metabolic syndrome in a population-based study.
In general, the non-CpG island loci in NOS1, NOS2A, and NOS3 were methylated > 75%.
5] was also positively associated with percent DNA methylation in both positions measured in NOS3.
Association between the NOS3 (-786T/C) and the ACE (I/D) DNA genotypes and early coronary artery disease.
Endothelium-derived NO is synthesized from t-arginine by endothelial nitric oxide Synthase (eNOS) [3] (3), which is encoded by the NOS3 gene on chromosome 7 (4).