NOSINaval Open Source Intelligence
NOSINonprofit Open Source Initiative (nonprofit organization and software solution cooperation; San Francisco, CA)
NOSINitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition
NOSINational Online Statistics Interactive (database; Australia)
NOSINaval Ordnance Station, Indian Head
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We provide the services, lubricants, and fuel to keep the equipment running," says Brad Osborne, NOSI president.
The company's three main services "all kind of run hand-in-hand," Osborne says, and NOSI has seen an increase in demand for those services over the past two years or so.
In addition to other clients such as the North Slope fuel farm owner NOSI, Alaska Chadux works in fourteen hub communities from Adak to Barrow, along the Crowley fuel barge routes.
Meanwhile, Waly announced that her ministry and the NOSI are currently preparing a new social insurance draft law that would be concluded within three months and "issued for communal dialogue before submission to the parliament".
In order to finance the increases in pensions, the NOSI will study the alternatives and submit a proposal to the finance ministry, the statement said.
The NOSI management wants to improve exhibitions in the departments of education.
Unlike Colville, NOSI sometimes uses their partners to get the fuel from Fairbanks to the Slope.
Then NOSI compiles the data over a weekly or monthly billing cycle and submits the tracked costs to their customers.
Earlier this month, the ministries of Finance and Social Solidarity announced that they are currently working to untie the financial entanglement between the Ministry, NOSI and NIB.
NOSI just opened a new trucking division out of Fairbanks, which transports fuel from Fairbanks to Deadhorse.
A typical workday for a NOSI trucker begins in Fairbanks driving a semi-truck and pulling a ten thousand gallon tanker to a refinery in North Pole.
With a staff of 30 to 40 employees, most of whom are drivers, NOSI is--according to president Brad Osborne--"working hard to meet their customer needs.