NOSSTIANetwork of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad (Syria)
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She indicated that NOSSTIA invites the Syrian researchers to participate in the scientific programs and projects held at the scientific and academic institutes of the developed countries, and to establish a system of continuous communication through modern means of communication for rapid exchange of the scientific information, studies and reports.
Regarding NOSSTIA initiatives, al-Midani said "The Network presented several international initiatives through inviting the experts and researchers from several countries across the world to visit Syria to voluntarily cooperate with the Syrian scientific bodies and through participating in the scientific and educational days and lectures or conducting medical surgeries.
With regard to the project which NOSSTIA is scheduled to carry out in the future, al-Meidani said that the network will implement four initiatives, the first of which is a Syrian-French Joint Project in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and al-Salam Hospital on the nuclear medicine and possibility of early detection of cancer and treatment.