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NOTNormalized Operating Time
NOTNeural Organization Technique
NOTNotice of Termination (usually refers to contracts)
NOTNordic Optical Telescope
NOTNormal Operating Temperature
NOTNot Only That
NOTNaczelna Organizacja Techniczna (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations)
NOTNew Organization Training
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However, when he filed for an extension to file his 1999 return, his tax preparer did not advise him to file a Sec.
Another Proof: He said: If the universe is preserved [by Allah] due to His goodness and generosity and is based on an orderly system--and Allah the Exalted only chooses Goodness in His actions--whoever characterizes Him as the One doing (fa'il) goodness and generosity in eternity, the Possessor of the rope that does not break, Creator of everything perfect and infinite: this description is far better than what you are describing, namely, that He has only been King of His kingdom for a span of six thousand-some years, which makes His dominion similar to the regality of Iblis--may Allah's curse be upon him--over his devils.
FIN 48 states that use of a valuation allowance is not an appropriate substitute for derecognizing the tax position.
If models are made at a high level only, the architect risks developing architecture that can be easily briefed to top leaders and fills program requirements, but does not answer critical questions for field operators and true stakeholders.
We should not therefore think of the prophet as one whose usual faith and optimism was marred by a one-time fall into questioning and doubt.
If they do not, they might intend something, but they do not intend to marry.
Because the presence of the translator would be indispensable to the rendering of legal advice, the translator would be viewed as the client's or lawyer's agent to enable the giving of advice, and the translator's involvement would not destroy the claim of privilege.
It is time to send the Bush administration a message and a wake-up call that our current trade policies have failed and need to be completely rethought so that they represent the needs of the middle class and working families of our country and not just the CEOs of large Corporations.
Szasz did not really try to explain why Cromer killed Reginald.
Film and television producers have adopted E & O ("errors and omissions") policies requiring that permissions be obtained for every inch or pixel of borrowed footage, regardless of whether or not the use in question is "fair.
But DHEA has not been used by bodybuilders, probably because it is not effective for that purpose; most healthy young people have plenty of DHEA already, and indications are that supplementation helps only by correcting a deficiency, bringing DHEA blood levels into the upper part of the normal range.