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TABLE 1 Prisoners interviewed and their versions of events Residence Nationality Sentence Role in years (see Key) P1 UK Brit 7 3 WILL Cannab P2 UK Nigerian 15 NONE P3 UK Brit 8 1 HO Cocain P4 UK Turk 20 2 DRAWN Heroin P5 UK/Spain Brit 7 1 HO Cannab P6 UK Turk 8 2 DRAWN Heroin P7 USA NK 18 1 HO Cocain P8 Pak Pak 13 3 SAC Heroin P9 UK Brit 12 3 WILL Cocain P10 NL NL 16 2 NOTD Cocain P11 UK Brit 11.
NOTD means not drugs, meaning that at the start the person thought what was involved was something illegal other than drugs;