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At first sight, Richard and Moncharmin thought that the notes were still there; but soon they perceived that they were not the same.
He was no longer astonished when he searched on to find in the register this note, placed in a bracket against his name: --
Sofya Ivanovna," he went on, addressing Sonia, who was very much surprised and already alarmed, "immediately after your visit I found that a hundred-rouble note was missing from my table, in the room of my friend Mr.
You may take your seat, Emmeline, and you will remain at the foot of your spelling class for a week as punishment for passing the note.
Again I staked the whole of my gold, with eight hundred gulden, in notes, and lost.
They very first words I heard them interchange as I became conscious were the words of my own thought, "Two One Pound notes.
Among the notes of this period, we found a page on which is written the first definite plan of "Thus Spake Zarathustra":--
Explaining to the note taker] She thought you was a copper's nark, sir.
When the Professor had quite done with my mother's hand, and when I had warmly thanked him for his interference on my behalf, I asked to be allowed to look at the note of terms which his respectable patron had drawn up for my inspection.
As she took off her outer garment in the hall, she heard the footman, pronouncing his "r's" even like a Kammerjunker, say, "From the count for the princess," and hand the note.
She had read Miss Crawford's note only once, and how to reply to anything so imperfectly understood was most distressing.
She was guiltily conscious of not having answered her Ladyship's note, inclosed in Miss Pink's letter, and of not having taken her Ladyship's advice in regulating her conduct towards Hardyman.