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NOUNNational Open University of Nigeria
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He also solicited the support of NOUN in advancing the course of the council, especially in view of its spread and students size, which places it amongst the top ODL institutions in Africa.
In the psycholinguistic literature, attraction is associated with errors or ungrammatical instances such as (8) below, in which the interference of a plural nominal element between the head noun subject and the verb results in the erroneous assignment of plural verb number--see Bock and Miller (1991), Bock and Eberhard (1993), Bock et al.
From the analysed substantives, every single noun derives its possessive adjective.
Let's be a noun group, noun group, noun group Article, describing word, describing word Noun
The operations in (7a) and (7b) include an example of each, noun and adjective respectively.
Collect the noun noun phrases adjectives verb and adverb along with their word position in the sentence.
Because of the differences in (uniform or less uniform) conceptualization we cannot predict whether the noun denoting a particular entity is countable or not.
Keywords: multiword expressions, compound noun, semantic clustering, statistical analysis
A wireless Bluetooth component links to smartphones via the Noun app, this adds a further layer of control to the cooking.
Washington, March 13 ( ANI ): The new study reveals that four-to-seven-year-old children rely on the sounds of new nouns more than on their meaning when assigning them to noun classes, even though the meaning is more predictive of noun class in the adult language.
Noun phrases are nominal groups typically comprising a noun surrounded by other words that all, in some way, characterize that noun.