NOVACNew Orleans Video Access Center
NOVACNetwork for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change (Sweden; est. 2005)
NOVACNetwork Organization for Vaccine Awareness and Choice (New Jersey)
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Las estaciones permanentes escan-DOAS y el movil-DOAS se obtuvieron mediante la participacion del Servicio Geologico Colombiano (antes INGEOMINAS) en el proyecto internacional NOVAC (2005-2010) (Galle et al, 2010) y fueron instaladas en noviembre de 2007.
NOVAC Station User Manual: Technical Report / Department of Radio and Space Science; Chalmers University of Technology.
Interestingly, the star counts made by NOVAC members showed roughly as much scatter as those from the general public.
NOVAC members had hoped to follow up Project Orion with a second assessment, but to date they've not done so.
For the next 12 nights NOVAC members carefully monitored sky conditions.
The NOVACS conventional single covering machine is designed for the production of high quality elastic covered yarns ranging from fine to medium counts.
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