NOVIBNederlandse Organisatie voor Internationale Bijstand (Dutch: Netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation)
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This is evident by the magnitude of differences between the VIB and NOVIB conditions, which remained small regardless of the variable.
Novib profileerde zich vanaf het begin als vertegenwoordiger van het gehele land en slaagde erin vele maatschappelijke organisaties en politieke partijen als leden te verwerven.
We are equally indebted to our core funders Oxfam Novib and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) whose continued confidence in our work and generous support allows us to address emerging challenges in the field of SRHR proactively and effectively.
This overview is based on the eight country monitoring reports listed below and a regional NGO consultation of the ARROW coordinated project, "ICPD Ten Years On; Monitoring and Advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights" funded by the Foundation, New York and NOVIB, Netherlands.
Underground People first appeared in Dutch translation as Der Vermissing (Baam: Ambo, The Hague; and Novib & Brussels, 1993).
In 1993, with financial support from NOVIB, a Dutch NGO, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and with methodological support from the Institute for Market Economics (IME), it launched a 'Land-based Income Generation for Poor Roma Families in South Bulgaria' programme, similar to the project fostering the sale of paprika in Hungary.
The Project had its origins in a gender policy review workshop hosted by Novib, Oxfam, Netherlands, 1-2 November 2001 in The Hague where Toanna Kerr presented a paper on 'Trends in Gender Equality Work Around The World'.
In the meantime, KEDV was able to secure funding from NOVIB (Oxfam, Netherlands) and the American Jewish World Service to set up eight centers for women and children in the temporary housing settlements under construction.
Among the participants, for example, are Fair Trade, Triodos Bank, Novib and the Grameen Trust, related to the well-known Grameen Bank which was founded in Bangladesh by .
Like other NGOs, IAJUP is financially supported by Northern countries' organizations (such as The Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (Cafod), Christian Aid, Danchurchaid, Developpement et Paix, Trocaire, The Ford Foundation, Novib, and Inter-American Foundation) and not by the Brazilian government.
59) Global Witness, Medico International, the Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa and Novib launched the campaign.
Oxfam Novib together with our partners will be conducting facilitator s training on FFS with the focus of PPB.