NOWRANational Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
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The Nowra officers' capable and swift response to this incident meant the safety and security of the centre was maintained - they did a terrific job.
The northern known limit of Sminthopsis leucopus in the south-east mainland was the Jervis Bay area south of Nowra (King 1980; Atlas of NSW Wildlife) until a 1995 record north-west of Nowra by the author, which extended the known distribution north by about 20 km to the north side of the Shoalhaven River.
In Bad Dreaming I saw no evidence that Louis Nowra recognised the many people who had been working for years in response to the needs of our people affected by the violence he so vividly describes.
Documented photographs in the Hornshaw Collection also show that he worked as a police tracker in uniform during the 1890s, and was attached to the Nowra Police Station.
Louis Nowra is best known for his plays, which include Cosi, The Temple, The Jungle, Spellbound, Deceit, The Incorruptible, Radiance, The Watchtower, Byzantine Flowers and Miss Bosnia, to name but a few.
One of Australia's leading scribes, Nowra hints at the lives of many actual Sydney identities in this play.
The introduction of a coffee machine in the Nowra Library in September was welcomed by many of our users.
Australia provisionally accepted the first of its planned 11 Super Seasprite helicopters for testing, evaluation, and training onboard HMAS Albatross in Nowra on the October 18.
As the dust moved over more than 600 miles towards the coast today, it hit the towns of Dubbo, Orange, Nowra and finally parts of Sydney, depositing a fine layer of red powder along with a light smattering of rain on Australia's most populous city.
Discussing the genesis of the Radiance screenplay as authored by Louis Nowra, I demonstrate that race continues to be significant even, and perhaps especially, when it is denied.
NOWRA has long encouraged the concept that on-site wastewater systems recycle treated water back into the environment rather than merely dispose of it.
Flight AN951 was en route from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia carrying 59 passengers when air traffic control alerted the Captain, Eric Booth, that the 19-year-old pilot of a Piper Archer aircraft and two 18 year-old student pilots had become lost during a flight from Moorabbin to Nowra, south of Sydney.