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NPACNortheast Parallel Architectures Center
NPACNumber Portability Administration Center
NPACNorthshore Performing Arts Center (Bothell, WA)
NPACNews Photographers Association of Canada (Canada)
NPACNonproliferation and Arms Control
NPACNetwork of Politically Active Christians
NPACNative Physicians' Association for Canada
NPACNeighborhood Planning Action Committee (Seattle, WA)
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A poorly planned transition of the data and technology in the NPAC could result in the service failing, consumers not being able to keep their phone numbers when they change service providers, and service providers not able to compete on a level playing field.
In commenting on the announcement, Hidefumi Morita, president of NP-USA and CEO of NPAC, stated, "The sale of Seibert Powder Coatings is consistent with Nippon Paint's management strategy, which seeks to focus on growing its core businesses.
Given all the reports and handwringing about the workforce crisis, it's incredible it took NPAC seven years of lobbying to see NPs gain the right to make specialised authority drug orders.
Taiwan's NPAC will disseminate telephone network information used by communications service providers to properly route voice and data traffic between networks throughout Taiwan.
Flushed with the newly achieved international consensus, the IFCC, through the NPAC, proposed the special term and symbol, katal and kat, to the Consultative Committee for Units (CCU) of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM).
The HCR Models DCAV, AC and NPAC have been used by major grocery and food service distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses and food plants nationwide since 1974.
Information: Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, NPAC 99, PO Box 90 04 40, D-60444 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
We look forward to continuing to capitalize on the opportunities we see in the market and renewing the NPAC contract.
Trusted, Neutral Local Number Portability Administrator Applauds Initiation of the NPAC Procurement Process
By pushing the technology a little, and the legislative bodies a little, we are now able to port numbers throughout the reach of any single NPAC (roughly the area of the old RBOCs), and we hope to be able to port nationally in the very near future.
My original paper (1) focused largely on quantitative features of the NPAC (slope) interpretation of sensitivity (2) in response to a challenge (3) related to the utility and advantages of that interpretation.