NPARNon-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (symposium)
NPARNuclear Plant Aging Research (program)
NPARNavy Precision Approach Radar
NPARNumber Port Activation Request
NPARNon-Performing Asset Ratio (banks)
NPARNational Patient Antibody Registry
NPARNetwork Partitioning (Dell)
NPARNIC (Network Interface Card) Partitioning (computer networking)
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Hence, we have opted to use a small population size of NPOP = 5 x NPAR = 35.
i,NPAR]) of NPAR parameters (or genes) represented by floating-point numbers.
NPAR is the number of distinct parameters being estimated, CMIN is the minimum value of the discrepancy and P is the p-value for testing the hypothesis that the model fits the population perfectly.
Indices of overall fit for alternative factor structures of the MBI: results of confirmatory factor analysis for the total sample, multi-group confirmatory factor analysis for seven profesional groups and confirmatory factor analysis for the seven groups separately [chi Professional group NPAR square] df GFI Total sample (1590) Model 1 (22 items) 47 2120.
Kendall's W was computed using Friedman's test within the NPAR routine of SYSTAT version 5.
A majority of the ADEC research projects to date have focused on solving problems that were identified by the NPAR and other NRC-sponsored programs.
To achieve that, HP will also move other hardware and software features from its Itanium systems to the Xeon-based servers, including technologies such as its Crossbar Fabric and nPars partitioning.
HP nPars is electrically isolated to eliminate failure points, which allows clients to "scale out" within a single, robust system.