NPBTNet Profit Before Tax(es)
NPBTNotional Period B Tax (Fiji)
NPBTNardin Park Braille Transcribers (Redford, MI)
NPBTNon-Prototypical Beat-Timing
NPBTNormalized Profit Before Tax
NPBTNorth Pole Babes in Toyland (roller derby team)
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Median NPBT for publishers with annual revenues under $2 million was a loss of 13.
The exception, companies between $30 and $100 million, had median operating expenses of about 55%, which is how that category achieved the highest NPBT of all six categories.
Table 2 Profit Performance of the MNE Affiliates and the Local Firms, 1987-89 (Percentages) Years NPBT (a) NPBT (b) in Firm Operation CE NS NINE Affiliates (Weighted Average) 21.