NPBTNet Profit Before Tax(es)
NPBTNorth Pole Babes in Toyland (roller derby team)
NPBTNotional Period B Tax (Fiji)
NPBTNardin Park Braille Transcribers (Redford, MI)
NPBTNormalized Profit Before Tax
NPBTNon-Prototypical Beat-Timing
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En contraste, varias ONG proximas al Comite Social del HCB consideran que las NPBT deben someterse a las normas de OGM.
Omnia reported an 85% fall in NPBT to ZAR105m (USD14.
Table 2 Profit Performance of the MNE Affiliates and the Local Firms, 1987-89 (Percentages) Years NPBT (a) NPBT (b) in Firm Operation CE NS NINE Affiliates (Weighted Average) 21.
Overall, NPBT declined by 79% in 2008 relative to 2007, with profits significantly down on management's forecasts for the year.
Those npbts are at least as efficient and often more precise than previous traditional and gm techniques, While circumventing the introduction of heritable transgenes from distant species in the plant genome.