NPCBNational Programme for Control of Blindness (est. 1976; India)
NPCBNational Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (Malaysia)
NPCBNon-Polar Covalent Bond (chemistry)
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These products are sold in many places and easily available to the public including those registered and also those are not registered with NPCB.
Now NPCB is adapting and allowing on "Reach in" strategy in which OPD is conducted in remote areas and selected cataract cases are brought to established eye institutions where regular Eye OT runs.
Amitoj singh Gill et al: Refractive errors in school children A review from Punjab: Quarteryl newsletter NPCB India Oct-Dec 2007 Vol.
NPCB, A study on childhood blindness, visual impairment and Refractive error in east Delhi: 2001.
VISION 2020 the Right to Sight-Plan of Action NPCB, India Ophthalmology / Blindness Control Section, Govt.
To address this gap and to create awareness among community regarding eye donation and related issues, NPCB celebrates the Eye Donation Fortnight every year from 25th August to 8th September.
It will also help in improving the quality of cataract surgery services being imparted to the patients under NPCB.
The strategies of NPCB were to identify the high prevalence states for special attention, up-gradation of facilities and skills, involving the private sector including NGOs and giving the programme the character of a movement through the establishment of a partnership institution in the form of societies committed to the goal of the programme.
While collecting the cost data, the basic aim was to identify all the inputs to the NPCB and to quantify them.
6) In NPCB, expenses in the following categories were considered as recurrent costs: Salaries and allowances of NPCB staff, Supplies like ocular drugs, IOLs, spectacles, chemical reagents, suture materials, Cost of vehicle operation and maintenance, Office maintenance, reorientation training programme etc.