NPCLNational Partnership for Community Leadership (formerly National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership; Washington, DC)
NPCLNot-for-Profit Corporation Law
NPCLNonprofit Planning and Community Leadership (Washington, DC)
NPCLNoida Power Company Ltd. (India)
NPCLNagarjuna Power Corporation, Ltd. (India)
NPCLNational Paper Company Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
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The company said, "NBLE and NPCL have ceased to be the subsidiaries of NBS and Nava Bharat Ventures with immediate effect.
The residents claim that the builder had not paid the dues of Rs 86 crore to Greater Noida authority and Rs 45 lakh to the NPCL.
The NPCL has sough the assistance of both the local as well the Central intelligence agencies, the investigators are going through the details of the log books, close circuit television (CCTV) footages and water samples are being examined," he said.
The two authorized by the NPCL were both consistent with the core provisions of the legislative scheme governing the duties of nonprofit officers and directors, and required a showing of fault.
In addition to the NPCL, the act also amends the Estates Powers & Trusts Law and article 7-A of the Executive Law.
Its provisions can be found in NPCL sections 512, 513, 514, and 522, and in the definitions of "endowment fund," "gift instrument," "governing board," "historic dollar value," and "institutional fund" in NPCL sections 102[13], [17], respectively.
The NPCL was enacted in 1969, effective from 1971, replacing the Membership Corporations Law.
Proposed NPCL section 551(a)'s definition of "charitable purpose" seems to have been drafted without regard to the classic definitions according to the Internal Revenue Code and the NPCL's Type B corporations.
Proposed NPCL section 552(e)(4) contains a special circumstances exception to the requirement for investment diversification.
Proposed NPCL section 552(e)(6) should require an institution to use due diligence to determine that a person who represents that he has "special skills or expertise .
While proposed NPCL section 553(a), in its lead, pays lip service to a donor's intent to establish an endowment, and proposed section 553(b) also addresses such intent, proposed section 553(c) vitiates a donor's intent to create a true endowment--unless the donor spends lots of money on lawyers.