NPDANational Private Duty Association (home care)
NPDANational Parliamentary Debate Association
NPDANational Portfolio Day Association (art and design schools)
NPDANew Partnership for Development Act (duty-free)
NPDANotice of Proposed Disciplinary Action
NPDANetwork Program Determination Application
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is that the NPDA in state q with the input symbol a and Z the symbol on top of the stack, can for any i enter state [p.
is that the NPDA in state q, independently of the input symbol being scanned, and with the symbol R on top of the stack, can enter state [p.
p, aW, X[alpha]) and (q, W, [gamma]a) are known as consecutive instantaneous descriptions and are often used to define the current configuration of the NPDA [2, 3].
0], F) is an NPDA, then the language accepted by M, L (M), is defined by L (M) = {w [member of] [[summation].
Throughout the paper we prove that languages are context free by designing NPDA that accepts them.
If you would like more information about an upcoming NPDA event, please visit the website at http://www.
Furthermore, NPDA was only two percentage points behind CEDA and 5.
It is worth noting that NDT debaters recorded a much lower concern over financial cost than CEDA and NPDA participants (see Table 2).
While the small number of NEDA, L-D, and IPDA respondents makes it difficult to compare those debate formats to other formats with any confidence, the comparison of the NDT, CEDA, and NPDA data suggests that the benefits and disadvantages of debate are perceived similarly by student competitors, despite quite substantial differences in debate formats, rules governing debate practice, and organizational culture when comparing CEDA/NDT with NPDA.
For example, respondent #125 competed in NPDA and LD and listed "speaking skills" as a benefit to debate participation.
NPDA encourages genuine, engaging debates among participants who may draw only from their own knowledge and personal resources.
Individual NSAs were more limited in scale than the NPDAs and relied more heavily on call-in procedures but, as Moir(2) has demonstrated, the NSAs covered a larger geographical area and extended planning controls over new types of development.