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NPDBNational Practitioner Data Bank
NPDBNavy Provisional Detainee Battalion (US DoD)
NPDBNumber Portability Data Base
NPDBNavy Personnel Database (US Navy)
NPDBNational Poultry Development Board (Ghana)
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Because an Adverse Action Report in the NPDB can ruin or end a physician's medical career, the accuracy of information contained in NPDB reports is of paramount importance.
Hospitals, state licensing boards, medical organizations, and the physician himself/herself can access the NPDB.
According to the 2015 NPDB Guidebook, "Each entity that makes a payment for the benefit of a health care practitioner in settlement of, or in satisfaction in whole or in part of, a written claim or judgment for medical malpractice against that practitioner must report the payment information to the NPDB.
In addition, the NPDB considers an investigation ongoing until the health care entity takes a final action or formally closes the investigation.
11, 2015) (providing information on NPDB reporting requirements and query access); Timeline, National Practitioner Data Bank, http://www.
The reason is that the NPDB does not have the necessary detailed data for cancer treatment and diagnostic imaging.
180) The effect would be particularly stark if NPDB reporting requirements remain in place or insurance premiums are experience-rated, because if premiums are experience-rated (i.
The NPDB was created under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 and is a registry of professional sanctions and malpractice payments paid on behalf of physicians and other health professionals Denominator.
Also, there is great variation among states in terms of licensing board report requirements that could trigger a report to the NPDB as well.
Liu's resignation during the peer-review investigation to the NPDB.
333) Regulators have used NPDB data to analyze such regulatory questions as the role of malpractice insurance premiums in rising health care costs, (334) and whether to limit damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.