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NPDBNational Practitioner Data Bank
NPDBNavy Provisional Detainee Battalion (US DoD)
NPDBNumber Portability Data Base
NPDBNavy Personnel Database (US Navy)
NPDBNational Poultry Development Board (Ghana)
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The NPDB was created under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 and is a registry of professional sanctions and malpractice payments paid on behalf of physicians and other health professionals Denominator.
Also, there is great variation among states in terms of licensing board report requirements that could trigger a report to the NPDB as well.
NSA validated the effectiveness of Invincea's NPDB technology on an isolated laboratory network at the DoD Cyber Range followed by an operational demonstration on a production network at U.
malpractice--thus mandating NPDB reports and threatening the livelihood
Sixty-six percent of the paid VA malpractice claims with substandard care had one NPDB negligence category assigned, 29% had two, 4% had three, and less than 1% had four.
First of all, it's much newer--only 4 years old compared with 13 years for the NPDB.
In the Department of Defense (DoD) health care system, NPDB reporting is governed by DoD Instruction 6025.
93) Although it is not a public resource, the NPDB does release de-identified data.
Information reported to the NPDB is considered confidential.
We respectfully request that the NPDB Public Use File be returned to online access immediately.
6) Notification of a paid claim is of particular importance as it starts the clock running on a 180-day period during which The Surgeon General must make a reporting determination or the NPDB report becomes mandatory under Department of Defense [regulation] 6025.