NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (US EPA)
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Importantly, the NPDES permit program stemmed from the permit program first established under the 1899 Refuse Act.
To address that, the five-year NPDES the EPA issued for the Upper Blackstone treatment plant in August 2008 calls for a phased-in reduction of phosphorus, from the current 0.
In all fairness, even if Alaska had not taken over the NPDES program, EPA would have implemented these new ELGs through its Construction General Permit, or CGP.
Works' facilities will have to address ways to reduce the discharge levels of nitrogen and phosphorus to meet caps set forth on their NPDES permits.
However, authority outside of the 11th Circuit holds that shooting ranges are considered point sources and are subject to NPDES permitting and other regulations.
Jeff Smith, the official in the EPA office of wastewater management responsible for the proposed rule, notes that the exclusion for NPDES stormwater permits applies only to interstate pipeline construction, not any construction behind the city gate done by distribution lines.
Consequently, this article examines the United States' proposed "unitary waters" or "singular entity" approach to navigable waters under the CWA as it relates to the NPDES permit requirement.
The 9(th) Circuit Court decision potentially places every municipal stormwater discharger in the State of California in non-compliance with their stormwater NPDES permit if monitoring data shows pollution in public waterways.
The Shursky Quarry Operation has been granted an NPDES permit.
Platinum awards recognize 100 percent compliance with NPDES permits over a consecutive five-year period.
By demanding an NPDES permit, EPA exceeded its statutory jurisdiction, the farm bureau said in its intervenor complaint, filed Oct.