NPDNNational Plant Diagnostic Network
NPDNNordic Public Data Network (telecommunications)
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An important contribution of the NPDN has been the education of first detectors in the proper procedure to follow when submitting samples to diagnostic labs (fig.
2: Path of a field sample from first detector through the diagnostic process and ultimately to being archived as a record in the NPDN National Repository.
Perhaps the most important contribution of the NPDN has been to foster an unprecedented level of coordination and communication among the nation's diagnostic laboratories.
Another important accomplishment of the NPDN is the development and delivery of training and education programs for first detectors and diagnosticians.
Bostock is Plant Pathologist, California Agricultural Experiment Station, and Professor and Director, Western Regional Center of the NPDN, Department of Plant Pathology, UC Davis; C.
Over the next year, federal and NPDN labs processed more than 100,000 samples.