NPDPNew Product Development Professional (PDMA certification)
NPDPNew Product Development Process
NPDPNational Physical Development Plan
NPDPNew Play Development Program (National Endowment for the Arts)
NPDPNokia Premium Developer Program
NPDPNational Parcelmap Data Portal
NPDPNational Professional Development Project (education project)
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The neighbourhood is the ideal unit of analysis for this study, as public playgrounds, via the NPDP, are allocated on a neighbourhood basis.
These populations also may have difficulty raising the matching funds required by the NPDP.
Residents of transient neighbourhoods may be less willing or able to commit time to community development in areas where they do not have long-term ties, and thus transient neighbourhoods may lack the social capital needed to raise the matching funds required for NPDP assistance.
For the NPDP, the provision of playgrounds may be equitable, but intra-urban variations in factors that influence playground condition (e.
The process of the NPDP may be a source of this inequitable outcome.
Thus, the current structure of the NPDP may further exacerbate differences in social capital.
First, programs such as the NPDP may have generally socially equitable outcomes for the distribution of and accessibility to amenities because of socioeconomic constraints in residential options.