NPDSNewton Personal Data Sharing
NPDSNet Portal Dynamic System
NPDSNewtonOS Personal Data Sharing (software)
NPDSNational Pollutant Discharge System (EPA)
NPDSNew Permanent Duty Station (US Navy)
NPDSNORAD Processing & Display System
NPDSNMCC Processing and Display System
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NPDS also prepares and prints address labels for readdressing mail and automatically purges files for transferred personnel.
Comparison of mean change score in the NPDS value of the spa therapy group at one week to the mean change score of the exercise therapy group showed that the decrease was statistically significantly greater in spa therapy group (p=0.
The NPDS data were sufficient for this study but likely do not accurately represent the epidemiology of the disease in the United States.
Estos picos de intoxicaciones concuerdan con los referidos en el NPDS, en el SERTOX y en el CITUC y con en el CIAT que reporta la mayor incidencia en personas entre 0 a 14 anos.
Moreover, both groups improved in the NPDS at 1 month post-intervention.
The reasons for this accelerated demand can be summarized by an increased awareness of our aging piping infrastructure, requirements by federal and state agencies to eliminate CSO's and SSO's, more frequent occurrence of premature or unexpected pipe failure under emergency conditions, and the many requirements placed on municipalities by NPDS permits and EPA consent decrees.
Case 5: Unlike Ilisagvik College, which took a gradualist approach to thematic learning paradigms (Cases 1 and 2), the Arctic Institute had to conceive its NPDS Theme School all at once, in full and coherent programmatic entirety, in 1995 (Kassam, 1995).
To characterize pediatric alcohol hand sanitizer exposures in the United States, data reported by poison centers in all states to NPDS among children aged [less than or equal to] 12 years during January 1, 2011--December 31, 2014 were analyzed.
The NPDS is a 20-item scale where the patients are asked to respond to each item by marking along a 10 cm vertical or horizontal line (0= no pain, 10= maximal pain).
An NPDS loperamide abuse case was defined as any exposure reported to NPDS citing intentional loperamide abuse during January 1, 2008-March 31,2016.
The NPDS is a national database of information logged by the country's regional poison centers serving all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico and is maintained by the American Association of Poison Control Centers.
Sixty-one poison centers provide the NPDS coast-to-coast data, which is then reviewed by 29 medical and clinical toxicologists.