NPDUNetwork Protocol Data Unit (OSI Network Layer)
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Fiber optics has improved the quality of communication links, thus shifting the major source of network errors -- at least for wired networks -- from line bit errors to NPDU losses due to congestion.
We argue that reliability or the lack thereof is not the issue; since ATM virtual circuits/paths are a concatenation of links between store-and-forward NPDU.
TCP's PDUs are called segments, while IP's NPDUs are called datagrams.
Capture Filters udp port 47808 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 udp port 47808 or udp port 47809 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 or 47809 Display Filters bvlc || bacnet || bacapp BACnet packets bacnet BACnet NPDU packets bacnet.