NPJNuclear Plant Journal
NPJNative Plants Journal (University of Wisconsin Press)
NPJNational Pride Jersey (sports clothing)
NPJNational Parks Journal (bi-monthly publication; Australia)
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In Albert Cheng v Tse Wai Chun Paul, (2) Nicholls NPJ made essentially three important point about malice in fair comment.
Nicholls NPJ had the concurrence of Li CJ, Bokhary and Ribeiro PJJ and Sir Denys Roberts NPJ (the last expatriate Chief Justice of the colony).
15) The lead judgment was given by Mason NPJ, the 'foreign judge' on that occasion.
The reasoned judgment on this point was that of Mason NPJ, who dealt briefly with the established requirements that the statement be one of comment and not of fact, and that the comment be based on facts clearly stated.
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