NPOINo Proof of Insurance
NPOINavy Prototype Optical Interferometer (US Navy)
NPOINew Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving (Irving, TX)
NPOINon Pension Operating Income (finance)
NPOI.Net version of POI
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So the principal difference between the NPOI and its predecessor, the Mark III, is in the number of telescopes that can be combined; the NPOI can combine the light from six separate telescopes simultaneously to make higher quality images and improve astrometry.
The NPOI has a resolution of about 16 milliarcseconds.
Numbers like these grabbed the attention of the NPOI team, and CMA designed a 16" CFRP brassboard telescope that could be scaled to a 1.
That program, along with the NPOI development project and others, has contributed to the rapid maturation of the CFRP technology.
Hopkins, 3 (45 cm) Center for Astrophysics) Arizona NPOI (U.